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FORST ST6 Trailed chipper



Category: chippers & forestry


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ST6, the pedigree

Bred for reliability and performance by a team with a combined experience in the arb industry of over 80 years, Forst is a robust, hardy performance machine right within reach of every arb professional. Whatever your position in the industry of arboriculture Forst will meet you where you are and guarantee you peace of mind. Attention to detail is paramount within the Forst design and development team, making the final product a highly effective, highly efficient performance tool, engineered and built to live up to its name and stand up to the hard life it lives.

Forst, Designed from the ground up with a true understanding of customers needs


Premium materials and build quality

Every Forst fabrication has been stress tested both from a technical engineering and physical point of view. All fabrications are flanged and finished to a high standard and powder coated to give a premium finish.

Water & Vibration Proof Feed Controls

Illuminated touch pad, IP 69 rated controls using a printed circuit board means water and vibration aren’t going to let you down. Easily located at either side of the hopper means you don’t have to lean over the hopper to use them.

‘ForstGrip’ Roller System

Twin hydraulic horizontal feed roller system offering exceptional grip on timber. The large top feed lifts on an arc, climbing toward the timber rather than lifting straight up and down, this makes climbing butt ends exceptional. High tension due to twin heavy duty springs and a large bearings supporting either side of the top feed roller ensures strength and durability.

Kubota Power

35hp Kubota 1505 four cylinder Diesel power unit produces the perfect power for this application.


Flywheel System

Simply phenomenal velocity when chipping. Forst will throw the chip right to the rear of your wagon due to the open top flywheel system and large gusseted draught fins which through chip, not relying on air to discharge it from the chipping chamber.

Simplicity of Maintenance

Did you know it is just as important to have a definite edge on your anvil as it is to have sharp blades? A Forst anvil is a simple job to change to keep your machine performing at its best.

Central Greasing Bank

Any bearings which need to be greased on Forst are all easily maintained by a central greasing bank, leaving no excuse for poor maintenance.

Ease of Operation

Save your back. Folding hopper at 650mm from the ground and an open top means you don’t need to bend down to feed the machine. Easy to load brashy material. Open top to hopper means getting brashy and awkward material into the hopper is easy. Illuminated, waterproof and vibration proof touch button feed controls located on either side of the hopper make feeding reliable, safe and easy.

‘AutoIntelligence’ Control system

Highly intelligent bespoke build electrical system managing the no stress device, making sure you never miss a service and many other functions.

ST6 Spec Sheet

Feed Roller Apperture
6” x 8” (150 x 200mm)

Feed Roller System
ForstGrip Feed Roller System

Flywheel System
Open Top Flywheel (640 x 25mm) Twin 8” Blades

Kubota Diesel (V1505) 35hp

No Stress System
AutoIntelligence No Stress Device

Feed System
AutoIntelligence Fully Water & Vibration Proof Touch Pads

Fuel Capacity
30 Litres

Noise Level
Lwa 122db

Machine width

Machine Length

Machine Height (Chute On)