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The Nugent Livestock Trailer has been modified with a number of clever design features offering a stylish yet robust structure. Specific features of the NEW Livestock Trailers include the use of 3mm heavy duty aluminium side panels with an innovative corrugated detail ensuring optimum strength and aesthetic appeal. The move away from standard tail lights to more durable and robust lorry type lights shows Nugent Trailers commitment to quality. The upgraded tail lights improve the aesthetic appeal of the Livestock Trailer giving it a very modern dimension. The additional aluminium strip on the loading gates encourages easy loading of animals and complements the look of the trailer. The heavy duty steel fabricated dividing gate offers additional strength. Receiver brackets have also been positioned for dividing gates on every arch providing seven position points for optional cross divisions.

As an optional extra the revolutionary triple fold down panels on the front of the trailer allows the farmer to use them in a range of combinations i.e. Central panel down, outer panels down or all panels down etc. The benefits are tri-fold; the natural light encourages easy loading of animals. The unique design facilitates airflow through the trailer while it is in motion which can reduce the drag of the trailer and provide for a better towing trailer. Also less air resistance on the 2009 model decreases fuel consumption and in the current climate of fluctuating fuel costs this can only be a good thing!

The Nugent Livestock Trailer range offers a trailer for every size farmer from the part time to the larger farmers. They range from 8x5 to 16x6 and no matter what size they are built with the same quality, strength and style.

Come galvanised as standard
Aluminium guide rail
Suitable to have decks fitted at any time